YoungShip Oslo Board Elections 2023

On February 8, the 2023 annual general meeting of YoungShip Oslo is held, and a new board for 2023/24 will be elected. Below you can read about the board and its responsibilities. All members are encouraged to apply, and the deadline for applications is January 15.

About YoungShip

YoungShip is a fast-growing organization with more than 30 branches in 25+ different countries. YoungShip has grown steadily from the start in 2004, and we are today a leading network organization for young professionals within the maritime industry. YoungShip Oslo ("YSO") is one of the largest branches with a high activity level throughout the year. We organize several events throughout the year, ranging from larger professional seminars to low-key drinks called "Ankerdrams". 

As a Board Member of YSO you will represent a solid organisation which is highly recognised in the network of young professionals in Oslo and among the maritime companies both nationally and internationally. In the past few years we have seen a strong increase in companies wanting to partner with us. In 2023 we hope to see a new board that will be continuing our good traditions. All positions are held for a minimum period of one year. 

The Board

The board of YoungShip Oslo is elected at the Annual General Meeting in the first quarter of each year. The board as of now consists of seven positions with each designated area of responsibility. In 2023 the board will comprise the following positions: 

  • Chair 
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Events
  • Head of Digital marketing
  • Head of Communications
  • Head of Internal Affairs
  • Head of Young@Nor-Shipping 

Under each board member there are sub-committees. The Committees assist the board members with their operational activities. This organizational structure was implemented a to engage more members in the YSO organization and to ensure that there is a pool of committee members to recruit from as future board members. 

All board positions except Head of Young@Nor-Shipping (elected every 2nd year) are open for election and we encourage you to apply for several of them. Please mention in your applications all positions that you would be interested in. See list of positions below.

The board positions

Chair of the board

Main responsible for ensuring all the other board members are doing their designated tasks and that the organization is fulfilling its purpose. Helping and assisting the other board members when needed, involved with partnerships and sponsorships, arranging board meetings and workshops. 

Head of finance 

Main responsible for budget and accounts, continuously update income and expenses, billing sponsors, paying invoices, collecting membership fees. In charge of Visma, Vipps and other accounts. 

Head of digital marketing   

Main responsible for marketing and branding of the organization, particularly through Social media channels - primarily Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook. Promoting events, sponsors, speakers and all activities of YSO. Posting and reposting of news and articles, developing content to increase the organization’s activity. Taking pictures and live posting at events. 

Head of communication

Main responsible for external and internal communication, sending out newsletters to member base and posting news on website to inform and promote the ongoing and coming activities and initiatives of the organization. Writing articles and seeking media attention to spread the word of YSO and what the organization is doing. 

Head of events

Main responsible for planning of events, including the theme and topics of an event, sponsors and speakers of the events, location and format. Also responsible for the execution of the events and communication with sponsors, speakers, and location before, during, and after events. If not able to show up at the event, responsible for delegating responsibility to committee members or another board member.  

Head of Young@Nor-Shipping

Main responsible for all planning and the execution of Young@Nor-Shipping week and pre-events. Main contact person for communication, cooperation and agreements with Nor-Shipping and related parties. Large part of the role includes leading the Young@Nor-Shipping working group the year leading up to Nor-Shipping week, arranging frequent meetings and distributing tasks.

A short introduction to the current board

Apply for a Board Position

What are we looking for in a board member?

A strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm. You should be self-driven and motivated with an ability to get things done. We are also looking for individual who have a genuine interest in the maritime industry. New ideas and personal visions for further growth of YSO and our activities in the future will be appreciated. Active members and current members of committees are encouraged to apply for a Board position. A broad span in companies/background/education represented in the Board will be emphasized.

Interested in applying for the board of YSO? 

Please write a short application including what position you are applying for (please list several positions if you are interested in more than one of them) and send it to the election committee within the due date. Send applications by mail to

 Election committee:

  • Katrine D. Aas (prev. Chair of the Board)
  • Kristina Nordanger (prev. Board member)

Application should be sent to the election committee by January 15, 2023. The election committee will review all applications and reach out for a short teams/telephone interview if you are considered for a position at the board. 

What will happen during the Annual General Meeting?

Your application will be evaluated by the election committee, who will give its recommendation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 8, 2023. The new board will then be elected at the AGM. All applicants will be contacted by the Election Committee minimum one week prior to the AGM. 

lf you want to contribute to YSO but are afraid that you do not have the time to be a board member, we welcome you to apply for one of our committees. This is also a great way to get to know the YoungShip Oslo organization if you are considering applying for the board in the future. Information regarding applications to the committees will be distributed shortly after the new board has been elected.