10 Women to Watch

On behalf of YoungShip Oslo and our partner Nor-Shipping, we are inviting you to submit your nominations for the 2023 10 Women to Watch list.

10 Women to Watch in Shipping

In order to remain competitive, the shipping industry of the future must have access to a diverse talent pool, with the brightest of all backgrounds. Getting a multitude of talented young professionals to apply for jobs is a challenge, and at times, even more so when it comes to attracting and recruiting women.  To showcase the talented female professionals in the industry and inspire graduates and young people to join the maritime domain, YoungShip Oslo is continuing this work with 10 Women to Watch for 2023 in partnership with Nor-Shipping.

A host of companies in our industry are these days putting their nominations forward to present the leaders of tomorrow and help inspire young female professionals that our industry is the place to be. The list will be profiled during the Nor-Shipping opening ceremony, a dedicated event during Young@Nor-Shipping, and in social media/media.  Do you have a talented colleague or client that deserves to be on the list? Simply submit a nomination! We encourage all companies in the industry to nominate their hardworking women. 

Please see nomination criteria below.

The nominees should:

  • Be under 35 years of age
  • Achieved high accomplishments so far in their career
  • Be ambitious and passionate for the maritime industry and its future development
  • Have demonstrated the ability to inspire others
  • Have exemplified strong interdepartmental or company-level leadership skills despite their age
  • Have demonstrated a willingness to teach and share knowledge with others
  • Have taken significant responsibility relevant to their career level
  • Likely to become a visible and important figure in the maritime sector in the years to come (10-15 years)

Submit your nominations here

10 Women to Watch jury

  • Rebekka Glasser Herlofsen - Chair Handelsbanken Norge, Board Member Equinor, 
  • Harald Solberg - CEO Norwegian Shipowners' Association
  • Anne Dahl Frisak - Partner and Board Member, Advokatfirmaet BAHR
  • Hans Christian Seim - CEO Norwegian Hull Club
  • Jan Ole Huseby - EVP Global Head Ocean Industries at DNB
  • Pia Meling - Managing Director, Grieg Green Board Member MPC Container Ships
  • Per Martin Tanggaard - Director External Relations, Nor-Shipping

There is no limit to names nominated by each company. 

If you have hard working, brilliant colleague that deserve to be nominated, who do not meet all of the above criteria, please see this as a presentation of potential in young people, not necessarily all accomplishments, and nominate your colleagues in any event. We would love to hear about them. 

 Should you have any questions, please contact us at oslo@younghsip.com