ShipCon 2019

YoungShip Møre had the pleasure to host the annual ShipCon conference, which is hosted by different YoungShip departments every year. The ShipCon committee started work in early springtime to organize guest speakers, sponsors, venues, catering and everything else a conference requires.

The conference started with a varied first day at Parken Kulturhus with guest speakers from Havila, Skipsteknisk, Teknotherm, Danfoss, Evotec, and Kongsberg Maritime. We dipped in to local history and decisions made to keep a business afloat during the market downturn. A panel debate with key figureheads working in and with the Maritime industry gave their perspectives on maritime Norway and international competitiveness. This was followed by presentations on current technology advancements and a workshop challenging the attendees to brainstorm around the theme of de-carbonization. In the evening, all conference attendees were treated to tapas, drinks and an evening of informal socializing at Moloveien selskapslokaler.

The morning of day two took place at NMK, with guest speakers from NTNU, Kongsberg Maritime, Offshore Simulator Centre and Ålesund kommune. Presentations included an insight into local research and proven autonomous technology. Attendees gained an insight into data that is available and how the use of this can, and has been used, within Maritime and broader uses. The morning also include a tour of the simulator facilities at

Vard Brattvåg hosted the afternoon and attendees were able to take a tour on-board the REV vessel currently under construction. VARD guided attendees through the 182,9 meter long Research Exploration Vessel which had just arrived in Norway from the hull yard in Romania. The tour was supported by an in-depth presentation about the design and engineering of the vessel, and its intended areas of operation once construction is completed.

During the conference, the Young Corporation Award 2019 was awarded to VARD for their efforts to provide opportunities and contribution to the development of young professionals within the Maritime Industry. 

To round off the conference, the attendees and guest speakers were invited to a banquet dinner and drinks at the restaurant Bro, where the evening continued into the small hours.