Lay-Up event, Ulsteinvik

On May 3rd, 42 Youngshippers boarded the Island Duchess to get first hand insight in the offshore situation, and to learn about the future of the fleet, the different lay-up options and the procedures of recommissioning.


The event started at the Kongsberg Evotec offices in Ulsteinvik where Tore Larsen from DNV
GL spoke about the optimal vessel lay-up and recommissioning procedures, followed by
Martin Skåravik from ACEL AS. Martin informed about the potential challenges and dangers
for electronics when in cold lay-up, he also spoke about battery hybrid systems and the
advantages of having such systems installed.

After the presentations and a meal, a bus took us to Island Offshore premises where we
went on board the platform supply vessel “Island Duchess” and heard about the market
situation, lay-up strategy and their view on the future of the fleet.

We learned that there are some significant dangers with laying a vessel in completely cold
lay-up, as moisture can intrude and destroy electronics and that generators should run
periodically to keep them lubricated. We therefore see that most vessels are in “semi-cold
lay-up” where they are looked after and connected to shore power to regulate the indoor
climate, temperature and air-moisture to avoid electronics failure.

Overall a relevant event with interesting and well delivered talks that gave us an insight in
the situation of the offshore service sector.

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