YoungShip Global CleanUp Day - 18 September 2021

YoungShip Nigeria and YoungShip Ecuador to lead YoungShip Clean-up exercises.

Climate change is a clear and present danger to our planet, and in response we as professionals must change the way we operate.

With this in mind, and in line with YoungShip International's strategy to establish better representation of young professional's interests at IMO level, the IMO Working Group is leading a global effort to increase awareness and campaign on Cleaner Ocean and Healthy Environment.

YoungShip Nigeria and YoungShip Ecuador has indicated interest to lead YoungShip Clean-up exercises and wish to humbly invite all departments to join and participate physically or virtual at the exercise in commemoration of the World Clean-up Day scheduled 18th September 2021. Departments can design their activities suitable to their local context and aimed at making greater contributions to the exercise through the collection and cleaning of spills, garbage or plastics around the coast.  Please use and adapt the exercise to represent your local members and meet the needs of your local community.

·         YoungShip International will create the event and invite departments to participate.

·         Departments to publicize the exercise in all their social media handles as well various promotional platforms.

·         Flyers and short videos are highly encouraged to increase public participation.

We hope this exercise can be used not only to highlight the importance of Cleaner Ocean and a healthy environment, but also to enhance our membership experience, and build awareness of the YoungShip at a time when we must focus on developing our membership base. Please communicate your department interest to join the exercise best before 5th September 2021.

We must continue to look forward. We must keep innovating and developing for the future.

Best regards,

Valarie, Andrés and Usman

Team Leaders – YoungShip Cleanup Exercise