VARD awarded YoungShip International's Young Corporation Award 2019.

The Young Cooperation Award is an award by YoungShip International which is handed out yearly during ShipCon.

The Young Cooperation Award is an award by YoungShip International which is handed out yearly during ShipCon. 

As an organisation for young professionals, YoungShip recognizes that a vast number of companies already go the extra mile in their dedication to their young employees through trainee programs, international assignments, exciting career opportunities and investment. To acknowledge the individual efforts, YoungShip wish to promote the best employers, at the same time encourage other companies to strengthen their focus on talent management and development for young individuals.

The jury for this years' award was represented by the chairs of YoungShip Møre and the board of YoungShip International including our Secretary General. Together we assessed the worthy candidates based on 5 main criteria:
•those that promote its young leaders
•those that drive forward its young talent
•companies that devote time & money on building the competence of young people in the organisation
•clear defined trainee programs or other competence enhancing programs
•and finally those that support initiatives within the maritime community

YoungShip is proud to announce that this years' Young Cooperation Award goes to VARD! The reasoning for this years' winner is as follows: 

•VARD has hired young people continuously the last years, both at the design department (main office) and at the yards.
•At the yards VARD has always - and still does - offer apprenticeship for young people who want to start their career as production worker.
•For people with higher education VARD offer a trainee program which they restarted in 2017 after they ended their participation in Norwegian Shipowners' Associations Maritime Trainee Program. This trainee still runs today.
•VARD has an internal future leader talent program where each section/department announce two potential leaders. The candidates are then going through a selection process (tests, case work etc.) where the “winners” (a small group) taken on board a program aiming to let them see and experience different parts and and segments of the group.
•VARD also contribute to YoungShip, and ShipCon, in terms of both money and presentations at events.

Congratulations goes to VARD who received a certificate and the engraved award itself at ShipCon in Ålesund.

Thank you very much for your effort supporting and developing young professions in our industry and we hope this award motivates you to continue this effort for many years to come!