ShipCon 2018 in Cyprus, what a success!

On the 8th and 9th of November, YoungShip Cyprus hosted the 2018 ShipCon Conference. And the result has been massive!

The conference took place in the beautiful venue of Carob Mill in the heart of Limassol. More than 200 professionals joined the Conference; experienced personalities supporting the young generations, international representatives of YoungShip and a consistnt amount of YoungShip Cyprus members.


Photos: Carob Mill in Limassol (Cyprus)

The event was organized in panels, mostly focused on diversity, youth empowerment, autonomous vessels, digitalization, blue way forward, future skills and youth matters (click here for the full Agenda). The panel discussion concept made the whole conference dynamic, and the generality and modernity of the topics caught the attention of everyone, regardless the segment of the maritime industry people work with. 

Among the panelists and moderators, it worth to mention again the following great personalities who inspired the young audience, with their professionalism and commitment to the maritime industry:

- Natasa Pilides - Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister to the President
- Andreas Chrysostomou - CSO Tototheo Maritime
- Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou - President of WISTA International
- Danae Bezentakou - Founder of YES Forum
- Andreas Hadjipetrou - Managing Director of Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
- Themis Papadopoulos - CEO Interorient Navigation
- Niels Hartman - CEO of Hartmann Group


Photos: Moments during ShipCon 2018

Philippos Ioulianou, Board member of YoungShip International and Vice Chairman of YoungShip Cyprus, has been the head of this ShipCon edition and we can only congratulate with him and his team for the result achieved. Most of the discussions have been moderated by the Board members of YoungShip Cyprus, showing self-confidence and deep knowledge in their fields.

YoungShip is a great family, a big networking platform for its members and this ShipCon showed all of its best. Congratulations! 


Left: ShipCon 2018 Cyprus Committee Members
Right: Representatives of YoungShip from Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Sorlandet, More), 
            YoungShip Turkey, YoungShip Dubai, YoungShip Liverpool.

Michela Sasdelli - Secretary General, YoungShip International