Presentation of YCA 2021 at EuroPort in Rotterdam.

Secretary General, Eleanor Scudder and President Philippos Ioulianou present Friday & Co. Shipbrokers with the Young Corporation Award 2021 at EuroPort 2021.

The jury was represented by the YoungShip Rotterdam board and the Secretary General and President of YoungShip International. To achieve this we looked for companies which promote and go the extra mile in their efforts on focusing on and promoting young professionals in the maritime and shipping industry. Together we assessed the worthy candidates based on 5 main criteria:

  1. Those that promote its young leaders
  2. Those that drive forward its young talent
  3. Companies that devote time & money on building the competence of young people in the organisation
  4. Clear defined trainee programs and other competence enhancing programs
  5. And finally those that Support initiatives within the maritime community

As previously announced  the winners of the Young Corporation Award 2021 is Friday & Co. Shipbrokers.

YoungShip would like to highlight something this organization said about including young people in their business model "All companies get older, but it is those with the young minds, eager to differ and ready to work hard, who are propelled into a brighter future".

It is important to mention that investment in young people demands a lot from a company, even one of which has deep pockets. Friday & Co. understand that if they want to stay ahead in a modern and creative way, young professionals are the future.

Thank you goes to Rod Schlick for accepting this award on behalf of Friday & Co.