Possible cooperation with the Nautical Institute

The Nautical Institute aims to represent maritime professionals internationally, the partnership with YoungShip will give the members of both organisations a chance to work together in bettering the industry.

About The Nautical Institute:

The Nautical Institute is an international representative body for maritime professionals involved in the control of sea-going ships. They provide a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world. As a representative body, the Institute fulfils its role in many different ways. Membership by proven qualifications and experience helps to set standards. The technical committees ensure that professional opinion and advice is fed back to the industry’s decision making bodies. Publications written by practitioners for practitioners provide the best operational guidance available and the branches encourage professional development in local areas.

The principal aim of the Branches is to promote the activities and increase the membership of The Nautical Institute in their area. The Branches are vibrant, pro-active organisations of current professionals, and provide:

  • A local professional focus
  • Communication and fellowship with other nautical professionals (networking)
  • Solving professional problems through seminars and workshops
  • A programme of technical and social meetings
  • Local and, in some cases, national representation on regulatory bodies or user groups
  • Assistance with updating and professional development
  • Involvement with projects locally and internationally
  • Development of management and organisational skills


You will be able to find an up to date list of upcoming events here:  www.nautinst.org/en/events/
Members of YoungShip are welcome to participate in events hosted by branches of The Nautical Institute, most of which are free to attend. 

We are hopeful that the departments of YoungShip and the branches of The Nautical Institute could come together to share valuable knowledge and perspectives through joint events.