3-4 of October: ShipCon 2019

Arranged by YoungShip Møre in Ålesund (Norway)

YoungShip Møre is excited to announce that the annual ShipCon conference will be held in Ålesund on October 3rd-4th 2019!

Both YoungShip members and non-members are invited for this two-day conference in Ålesund.

Check out the ShipCon 2019 website for more information about outline of the programme for the conference, tickets and how to sign up: www.youngship.com/shipcon-2019/

More details and full list of speakers will be announced.


If you are not familiar with ShipCon, here are summaries of the previous two editions of ShipCon, ShipCon 2018 in Cyprus and ShipCon 2017 in Bergen.


Hope to see you at the conference in October!

By the YoungShip Møre team.