YoungShip Dubai visits the Polarcus Asima

The first event of 2017 saw YoungShip visit one of the most technologically advanced vessels in the World

On the 19th of January Polarcus and YoungShip Dubai collaborated for the third time, as 16 members of YoungShip Dubai visited the 12 streamer 3D/4D seismic vessel Polarcus Asima. The Asima was built in 2010 by Dubai's Drydocks World and has since been shooting seismic across the four corners of the world; the significance of visiting the vessel only a few kilometers from where her keel was laid was not lost on those visiting. Having had presentations on the basics of seismic technology and on life onboard a seismic vessel, it was extremely interesting to see these presentations brought to life as the crew of the Asima took our members from the bridge, through the accommodation and down to the gun decks. The event ended with a Q&A session where our members had a chance to chat with the crew, an apt finish to another unique event.