YoungShip Dubai announce New Board

At the Annual General Meeting on the 26th of April the new Board for 2017-18 was announced

Two weeks after the AGM, the new Board held its first quarterly meeting to discuss and agree on a strategy for running YoungShip Dubai in the coming 12 months. The key points of discussion were:

  1. The Board Member's roles were decided:
    1. President – Mladen Nikolic; 
    2. Treasurer – Rey Agudo; 
    3. Social Media Responsible – Sheridan Steiger & Thies Holm 
    4. Members' Representatives – Adam Gray & Kyriakos Lyginos 
    5. Marketing – Hari Krishna & Prasenjit Das 
  2. Further discussion on incorporating YoungShip Dubai as a Social Club, which was made the key goal for this year. A plan of action for achieving this goal was agreed upon. 
  3. The event calendar was planned out, with the key change being to make quarterly Social events in May, October, December and March (details to follow). 
  4. The issue of membership was discussed along with potential ways on how to increase the value YoungShip offers its members and thereby increasing the membership numbers, this being the second key goal for the year.
  5. Lastly, the financial situation was discussed and the sponsorship situation was reviewed.

All the Board Members are committed to bringing YoungShip to the next level in the coming year, to increasing the value this great organization offers you, our members, and to ensuring the long term viability of the Dubai branch. As President of the Board I invite you to participate in this growth, give us your feedback and ideas, and most importantly attend some events; this is where you will realize the full value of your membership!