We are happy to announce the launching of Youngship Turkey

Throughout history, the land and ports of Turkey became the junctions of the major trade roads of the world such as the Silk and Spice Routes. At present, as being one of the major cargo owner nations in the global maritime trade, Turkish ports are one of the busiest ports of the global commodity trade.

Furthermore, with having effective links to the large hinterlands, Turkish ports are also connecting the routes of the multimodal transport passing through Europe, Asia and Africa. Through these factors, Turkish maritime sector boosts all sectors and industries in Turkey, from providing large-scale project transportation in the construction sector to embracing the dynamics of the Industry 4.0 to scale up the MarineTech ecosystem. Through having a crucial role in the Turkish economy, the Turkish maritime sector is gradually growing and providing highly competitive services and products in the global maritime industry.

The Main Goal of the Young Ship Turkey

With the abovementioned factors Turkey hosts highly competitive corporate entities and well trained and educated professionals in the global maritime sector. The Young Ship Turkey mainly aimed to network well trained professionals in the maritime and closely maritime related sectors working in highly competitive corporate entities and integrate them into the Young Ship Global organisation. This networking and integration would have crucial role in the development of the maritime industries of the countries having Young Ship Organisations. Seminars, Networking Events, and other programmes will be organised and future collaborations with the maritime related organisations in Turkey will be planned to achieve this main goal.