YoungShip Tanzania

YoungShip Tanzania setup in January 2018, we are so proud to be the very first general association to gather young professionals in shipping, maritime and related industry in Tanzania.

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The Future of Maritime Industry in Tanzania


YoungShip Tanzania is a non-profit organisation that aims to:

  • Promote the Maritime Industry from a Young perspective to a Young perspective within local Entrepreneurs, Schools and Universities.
  • Bring together all the corners of the Maritime Industry within Tanzania and the surrounding areas to promote the people, companies and opportunities that are there.
  • Place mentoring programs between senior professionals with the new generations to help bridge the gaps between the experience leaving the industry and the new professionals entering the industry.
  • Hold workshops dealing with challenges of today to make them opportunities of tomorrow.
  • Promote Young Professionals of Tanzania to the Global Maritime community.
  • Focus on developing the Young generations' knowledge and interest for environmental developments, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • We welcome members from companies such as ship owners, managers, brokers, operators, financial institutions, insurance, technical- and judicial consultants. our goal is to enhance skills and build both social and professional networks for our members located in or close to Tanzania.
  • As a non-profit organisation, our activities will be primarily financed through support from collaborating businesses, setting up a low-cost yearly membership fee, and sponsorship from maritime businesses.

We welcome anyone working in related industries to join us and help us make the Tanzania and eastern countries maritime industry a powerhouse for generations to come.


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Board members

Frank Kamina

Frank Kamina

Chairperson YoungShip Tanzania
George Mnali

George Mnali

Vice Chairperson YoungShip Tanzania
Julius Nguhula

Julius Nguhula

Shipping Professional adviser & Consultant YoungShip Tanzania
Raphael Chausi

Raphael Chausi

Information Technology YoungShip Tanzania
Sebastian Chindandi

Sebastian Chindandi

Head of finance and sponsorship YoungShip Tanzania