"The secrets of blockchain" what a success!

The event took place within the frame of the 250th anniversary of the Nautical School of Barcelona. Organized by YoungShip Spain and Barcelona Cluster Nautic.

We are very proud of this first YoungShip Spain event which was co-organized together with Barcelona Clúster Nàutic at the Nautical School of Barcelona one the occasion of its 250th anniversary.

The event that took place on Thursday 28th of February, gathered about fifty professionals and students who enjoyed a very didactic session in which top speakers illustrated how Blockchain could disrupt the maritime and nautical industries.

Firstly, Juan Caubet, director of the IT Security Unit of Eurecat introduced the blockchain technology to the audience in a very pedagogical way.

Decentralization, transparency, and immutability are some of the properties that make it so unique. He also explained the difference between public and private blockchains and some of its applications such as smart contracts or supply chain auditing.

- Obviously, not everything is good - he said - There are some cons, for example, due to its immutability nature, it is not that clear whether the information saved into the blockchain will be able to be deleted in the future; this definitely raises some privacy issues.- Those reflections and sincerity were appreciated by the audience.

Then, it was the turn of Javier Gallardo, director of PortIC that is a technological platform that facilitates the interaction between the entire port community of the Port of Barcelona. - PortIC is part of IPCSA the International Port Community System Association, whose members play a vital role in global trade facilitation; the electronic communications platforms provided by Port Community Systems ensure smooth transport and logistics operations at hundreds of sea ports.-

He explained the IPCSA Bill of Lading Blockchain Initiative, which is now in the final stages of development.
It is intriguing how the industry is dependable of a piece of paper (Paper B/L), which are sent through express couriers to the consignee of the cargo at destination. This could take from days to weeks and is expensive. Moreover, the B/L has to be stored during the years...

Thanks to the Blockchain B/L the “paper chase” is reduced which in turn it saves time and cost of couriers; cargo can be released much earlier, saving storage costs; it provides increased security in the whole supply chain, reducing the risk of loss, forgery or delay; last but not least, insurance, phytosanitary and other documents can be added into the blockchain.

Finally, Javier reminded us that -blockchain is “just" a technology- and -we have to take advantage of it and use it sensibly and soundly. It doesn’t make sense to use it in every situation”

Summing all up, the quality of the speakers has been remarkable, and in fact, has led to a very participatory and lively Q&A time.

With these training activities, YoungShip helps its members to gather valuable information and knowledge and encourages the young maritime professionals to work in environmental challenges, in innovation, technology, and social responsibility.

At the end of the event, some YoungShip members gathered in a pub nearby to socialize and extend their network.

It was just the beginning, stay tuned for much more!

YoungShip Spain