YSS at school ship Sjøkurs, Kristiansand

Today YoungShip Sorlandet visited Sjøkurs - en unique maritime school for teenagers of 16-18 years old.

The ship was built in 1956 and still sailing as a maritime school in Kristiansand. The school is run by Sørlandets Seilende Skoleskibsinstitution, an ideal foundation which has been running seafarers since 1927.Students live on a vessel and study there for 2 years. Besides theory and practice, which is part of their maritime education, students learn very early how to live on your own and together in community, respect each other, share and take responsibility for your acts. It’s wonderful experience and very good way of learning life when you are in a high school. 

Thanks to principal of the school Jarl Erik Hageland for helping with arrangement and hospitality including dinner and guided tour by school teacher Ove Dag Johnsen (sjøkurs-bestefar).

Sorlandet’s maritime videregående school is celebrating 100 years old this coming weekend. They will sail to Kristiansand (Lagmannsholmen) and have open ship for visitors. Regarding time and location, please follow their Facebook page.