Youngship Sørlandet visited Bergshav

On a nice summer evening Bergshav opened their doors to welcome our members to take a look behind the curtain of their business.

Mette Birkedal, Operations Manager at Bergshav, welcomed our members together with Ebbe Bergshaven, Corporate Manager, Andreas Hannevik, Chief Strategy/Business Development Officer and Arne Martin Øyslebø, Account Manager, and started the event with a tour through their premises. She showed us where each department is located and explained how they work together. 

After the tour, Andreas Hannevik, supported by Ebbe Bergshaven, presented a couple of slides about the history of Bergshav Management and told us about their business areas. It was impressing to hear that Bergshav Management AS, which is a family business, has been involved in shipping since 1772. Bergshav Management AS, however has been formed as demerger of AS Uglands Rederi in 1989. At present the fleet under management includes crude oil carriers, product/chemical tankers, LPG and offshore support vessels. During the presentation our members were able to ask questions and were able to gain a better inside into Bergshav´s company philosphy, values, and also their challenges in today´s marked. 

After the presentation, and some slices of pizza, we got a special tour through the company´s private shipping museum, where Ebbe, who was guiding us, told us a lot about the historic boats which were on exhibition in the wooden building next to the company´s premises.

We would like to thank Bergshav for an interesting, informative and great evening. Our members learned a lot about the company and gained some valuable insight into the maritime industry. Thank you again for having us!