Our annual boat trip 2018

On 24th of May, we in YoungShip Sørlandet had our annual boat trip in Arendal area

The event started at Gard headquarter in Arendal with a very interesting presentation on the "Development of Marine Insurance" by Magne Nilsen, the Chief Underwriting Officer at Gard. 

Thanks to Gard we could borrow theirs beautiful boat named "Targa". She is one of best in her kind and was steered by Torgrim Andersen towards Staubø region. 

We were welcomed by Eldrup A. Hansen to the Staubø Kultursenter. Visiting Staubø Kultursenter seems to become a tradition for YoungShip Sørlandet, as it was our fourth year in a row to visit this amazing place. Eldrup told several stories about the region and the Kultursenter and himself. 

A very fresh fish soup made by Eldrup himself was served during the talks. 
The weather was fantastic and very unique for this time of the year. Hope we can continue with this tradition and have more members onboard. 

Thanks to Gard AS for being our sponsor through the years!
It's very much appreciated!

The board of YoungShip Sørlandet