Havnekonferansen and some thoughts about sponsorship

The Initiator and former president of YoungShip Sørlandet reflects about Havnekonferansen, Youngship and the importance of sponsorship.

I was asked to write a few words about YoungShip Sørlandet and the participation at Havnekonferansen that took place in Kristiansand on the 23rd of August. YoungShip Sørlandet has been invited to the event for some years now and is sponsored with tickets free of charge available for members. This is an excellent opportunity for members of YoungShip to participate in a yearly event in the region that provides insight to the possibilities and challenges of the maritime industry. Over the years YoungShip Sørlandet has been able to be a part of networks due to our generous collaborators and sponsors, and we are so grateful for the opportunities presented.


YoungShip Sørlandet was initiated by undersigned in 2007. Why you may ask? Well, the need for a network for the young professionals within the industry was present and with support and encouragement from local sponsors and collaborators the local branch was established. Over the years several of the members has been active with the board, with events and contributing to the network in so many ways. To see friendships form, new business adventures take place and careers kick off; it’s an amazing journey and YoungShip is proud to provide a meeting place for the young professionals! 


I’ve always been concerned about the generation gap that has existed in the maritime industry and one of my goals with YoungShip Sørlandet was to establish collaboration with other organisations and initiatives in the region. One of our main supporters and sponsors since we were established has been Helge Grobæk and Sørlandet Rederiforening (SRF). They have invited us to their members meetings, their network and shared their knowledge with the members of YoungShip Sørlandet. Furthermore, I want to mention Gard AS (Arendal) and J. B. Ugland Holding AS (Grimstad) as our main supporters over the years. With international business and markets, local affiliation and long-lasting traditions they have supported, enabled and encouraged the organisation to grow in the region. Without Sørlandets Rederiforening, Gard and J. B. Ugland Holding, YoungShip Sørlandet would not be the organisation it is today.


We want to extend our gratitude to Havnekonferansen and our sponsors over the years with this note, and we hope for continued future collaboration. With a deep connection to the local traditions and history, together with a strong focus on the continuously changing future YoungShip Sørlandet want to provide a professional network and competence enhanced arena for our members.



With sincerely gratitude,

Initiator and former president of YoungShip Sørlandet

Karoline Meidell