Oljenettverket Sør invites YSS members to presentation about engineers without borders

Are you an engineer with an interest in helping and inspiring others? Would you like to apply your skills to make a positive contribution as responsible global citizen? Then you should definitely consider to attend next weeks presentation of Ingeniører uten grenser!


Wednesday, 7th June 2017


CoWorx i Markensgate 8, 4611 Kristiansand


This is an open event - everyone who is interested is welcome to join

Oljenettverket Sør has invited Joar Larsen from Engineers without Borders to talk about his experiences as an engineer working for the organisation.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is an international solidarity organization for engineering and technology. It is made up mostly of national groups of engineers and engineering students. These groups work on engineering projects throughout the world to assist disadvantaged communities. EWB groups were established independently in each country and the degree of collaboration and organizational development varies. There are sixty-four (64) Engineers Without Borders (EWB) organizations throughout the world that are part of the EWB-I network.

All Engineers Without Borders organisations are independent of each other, and operate in different ways, but they are united by a common belief that engineering should be about solving problems for people.