Rotterdam River Cleanup #2

Over 40 people got together on World Cleanup Day to keep our rivers clean!

On September 19 two groups got together - over 40 volunteers in total! - for a morning of some hard work in collecting all sorts of trash from our river Maas. The event was organized by YoungShip Rotterdam and CLEAR RIVERS, who brought their know how and equipment, guiding the people on how to safely collect and separate the trash found on the river banks.

The weather was nice and everyone was motivated to do their best! The two groups gathered in Rijnhaven and Lekhaven, two very different uses of our riverside. The first is residencial and commercial, with fancy buildings and people walking around. The second is much more industrial, surrounded by warehouses and with plenty of trucks. Nonetheless, it seems trash is everywhere you go, unfortunately! 


No problem for our volunteers, who walked around bravely with and trash pickers and bags picking up as much as possible. After collection, all the trash was sorted properly into different categories: some of it will go to waste, but most can be recycled to give new value to what was once just pollution. That is where CLEAR RIVERS shines, with knowledge of how to transform trash into new purpose!


After all was said and done the volunteers were welcomed to refreshing drinks at Vessel 11 in the Wijhaven area. Because this is what YoungShip is all about: collaboration, meaning and fun! And thanks to partner Engie this was all possible!

This was the second time YoungShip Rotterdam organized a river cleanup, and it proved very successful once again. It is clear that everyone is willing to work hard to see our city and rivers clean. Together we can educate more people and mitigate this issue!