Networking Pub Quiz

Our first networking Pub Quiz was a hit!

On the 2nd of May, Youngship Rotterdam held another networking event at Vessel 11, but this time with a bit of a twist: a quiz!

Everyone present had a chance to join the quiz, with questions ranging from basic shipping knowledge to absurd trivia (who knows how many liters of water are there in the oceans??). There were some protests for a few answers, but the judges overruled and called the contest fair! It's all in the name of fun.

Congratulations to to the winner, Ramesh Dk and the runner-up, Panteleimon Vlachos, who left with neat prizes and that feeling only winners get. Everyone else had their fun too, and a few beers were had.

Thank you all for coming, it is always a great time! Subscribe on our website if you haven't yet, and follow our social media for updates on upcoming events. We have great things planned and terrific news to share very soon.