Autonomous Shipping Event

A beautiful evening with top conversations and networking

On Wednesday, June 26th, Younghship Rotterdam members gathered at the beautiful Erasmus Paviljoen at the Erasmus University Campus. With a sweeping view of the surroundings the audience was full of young professionals and students (many from overseas!) to discuss Autonomous Shipping.

Four speakers from varied sectors presented their involvement with un-manned vessels and what to expect for the future. Dr. Bilge Atasoy kicked it off with the research she is leading in the potentials for automated vessels in logistics. Are they going to be used for mobility, inland waterways, deep sea transportation? She also shared her concerns with information sharing and collaboration, critical for the success of this idea. Her colleague at TU-Delft, Dr. Vasso Reppa followed with a descriptions of automation levels, a technical framework for automation and highlighted how important it is that systems will be robust and reliable before being able to replace human beings.

Erwin van der Linden followed up with an introduction to the vessel-train concept being developed via the NOVIMAR project. As part of the Horizon 2020 program, this project aims at overcoming traditional barriers between transport modes, expanding waterborne transport chain inland and address employment challenges through automation. Last, but not least, Erwin van Geyte, from AON, brought up the topic of insurability, risk management and the regulatory challenges of sailing without crew. Is a vessel still a vessel without a captain? What are we doing in terms of regulations and legislation to support this trend?

Afterwards, the entire audience, speakers included, were invited for a round of discussions broken into focus groups, but this time by the sun, near the lake, where the weather was lovely.

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