2019 Welcome Drinks Networking Event

A fantastic evening with our friends and peers at the belly of Vessel 11.

It was one of those ordinary January nights in Rotterdam: wet, cold but still beautiful! A great night to catch up with friends, colleagues and meet new people. This networking-drink event took place (literally) at the belly of Vessel 11, which has turned out to be the second home at this point.

Youngship Rotterdam has kick-started a promising year with a “gezellige” networking event. Over 60 people joined us, many for the first time, to talk about our beloved industry to share experiences and of course share some drinks.

The chairman of YoungShip Rotterdam, Charles Sassen, gave a short but sweet speech outlining what the year holds for- and which events are lined-up. A full schedule is being prepared from Masterclass, Workshops and our second edition of the Summer BBQ! A special note was made to its members: that they are more than welcome to share their ideas they have in mind what YoungShip Rotterdam should organize. “We are here for you, not because of you! So, free your wishes and needs and we will act accordingly”, said the chairman.

YoungShip Rotterdam is proud of the first event of 2019, and they are happy that you joined us and excited for what’s to come.