Webinar: The Recruiter’s Inside Perspective

Networking is not a talent but a skill. This is not made any easier by the challenges facing the world in 2020/2021 with the coronavirus pandemic. But if you had the opportunity to be on the other side of the process, what would they say they are looking for when expanding their network as the hiring party?

In this webinar we speak with two industry professionals dealing with the hiring process. From our local Dutch shipping recruiter, we will get the lowdown on what they look for and what the current recruiting market looks like. We will examine how companies set their hiring practices and what the biggest mistakes people can do at various stages of the application process. Together we will speak to both speakers about how to network better, in real life, and digitally, and bust any myths that may exist.

Moderator: Matthew Wittemeier

Demi Snelleman, JP Gray
Jeanine Tukker, JP Gray


The live webcast will begin at 18:00 CET on Thursday, March 4. It will be hosted on YouTube. Registered participants will receive a link ahead of the webinar.