Webinar Series - Captains of our Industry

Part I - Challenge what you know


Days of isolation and uncertainty afford us more time to reflect on the future and how can we shape it through leadership and commitment. But that is not enough: how can we contribute to creating a better world.

Remarkable men and women can show us, the young shipping professionals, the way. They are the Captains of our Industry and they will guide us through this endeavour and tell us about their experiences in being successful and staying relevant.

Join YoungShip Rotterdam in this thrilling webinar series during the month of June and learn the roadmap to become part of the next generation of industry Captains.

For the first part of the Webinar Series the theme will be CHALLENGE WHAT YOU KNOW. Joining YoungShip Rotterdam are two amazing panelists:


The event will be a live webinar on YouTube. You will be able to watch and ask questions for the Q&A, interacting with the speakers. A link will be provided to all that sign up in advance.

Tickets available now: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/ti...

For this Webinar Series we have partnered with Mercyships. By signing up via the Mercyships link all donations will be destined to Mercyships and their great global efforts. https://www.mercyships.org/