Rotterdam River Clean Up #2 - World Cleanup Day

YoungShip is hosting a second (DOUBLE!) event in collaboration with Clear Rivers

Join YoungShip Rotterdam for a second round of hard - but meaningful - work as we go around two locations in Rotterdam cleaning up the shores of the river Maas.

This even is a collaboration with CLEAR RIVERS, an amazing organization whose focus is to retrieve floating plastics with traps and on-the-ground campaigns, creating circular products and educating people.

Powered with grabbing devices and safety gear, walk around the river in a small group of friends and collect as much waste as you can. It's not a race! But the heavy bags in the end will make you think about just how much trash ends up in our rivers, and you will look at them differently forever!


September 19, 2020

From 10:00 to 12:00


There will be two locations to choose from! Notice on the sign up link that you can choose --> hurry up, as it's first come, first serve!

Look out for ENGIE and CLEAR RIVERS flags to identify the meeting point.


Just show up on time, ready to go! We will provide all the gear necessary. Pro tip: wear closed shoes

Register via the following link:


We recommend you be present and register yourself a little earlier. Say hi to fellow like-minded people present!  

  1. 10-10:15 – registration, collect your gear and announcements 
  2. 10:15-10:30 split into groups
  3. 10:30 - start clean up and sorting
  4. 11:45 - clean up ends and return gear
  5. 12:00 - close clean up
  6. 12: 30 - drinks at Vessel 11, Beurs!  Because let us toast to cleaner rivers!

Team leaders You will find team members of CLEAR RIVERS and YoungShip Rotterdam on both locations ready to answer any questions you might have.

RC Rotterdam 05072020 184.jpg
Image Credit: Ekobe

RC Rotterdam 05072020-036.jpg
Image Credit: Ekobe