Youngship landed in Panama!

In the middle of the Americas, an engineering marvel impact the maritime traffic across the world.

The Panama Canal has significantly influenced the commercial traffic between the Asia Pacific and the Americas, generating a greater and better distribution of the services for the loading of containers, bulk, liquid and general cargo, as well as the Passengers from the cruise terminals, becoming one of the most important worldwide transshipment centers. 

Panama has become the first Latin American country with greater connectivity in the region. Panama logistics platform includes the Panama Canal, new panama capable container ports on two oceans with a connecting railroad, multiple airports serving passengers and freight, special economic zones providing incentives to logistics operations, and a broad spectrum of logistics services. Likewise, an important network of national ports has been developed dedicated to a wide variety of activities that benefit both the local and international markets.

Thus, it serves in a practical and substantial way as a logistic platform for the mobilization of large loads and passengers from all over the world. The country's special economic zones allow national and international companies to establish their operations and enjoy tax, labor and migratory benefits. 
The Panama Canal is considered important by the amount of traffic it has, which increases day by day, such as the transport of oil, food, industrial elements among others that are very important for the world's maritime trade and affects the Latin American economy in a positive way through improved ties with the rest of the world, trade and the creation of greater and more efficient trade and job creation. 

These implications result in a boost of regional economic activity and an overall increase in the standard of living, for this reason it is vitally import to train of highly qualify professionals who face the new challenges of the exciting the maritime world, we believe Young Ship Panama will be a referent for young professionals by encouraging them to a constant growth enabling Panama to become the Major Trade & Logistics Hub for the Americas.