Nor-Shipping is dedicated to developing the next generation of ocean talent and have once again joined forces with YoungShip to launch the Young@Nor-Shipping 2022 initiative, with a three-day activity programme tailored to address one of maritime’s greatest challenges: decarbonisation.

The industry body, which supports professionals under the age of 40, is running a series of networking and knowledge sharing events titled “EMISSION:IMPOSSIBLE?” in Oslo, 10-13 January 2022. The common objective is to create an arena where young and experienced professionals from the industry can meet and connect during the festival week.



During the three-days event and the pre-events leading up to Nor-Shipping, Young@Nor-Shipping the focus will be on the regulations, measures, strategies and initiatives aimed at reducing the GHG emissions from shipping. The goal is to showcase the different aspects of how we as an industry is working together on reducing our GHG footprint, and what it takes to reach the 2030 and 2050 targets.

Young@Nor-Shipping’s full programme and list of participants will be released in due course. However, the focal points for the individual days have already been decided.

Day 1 – Green Funding: What is the financial stakeholders’ role in the green shift and is the current practice promoting the climate goals of the IMO?

Day 2 – Green Tech: What kind of technologies are we developing in this green shift? The main topic will be based around the discussion between ammonia, hydrogen & other solutions.

Day 3 – Green Decisions: As an inherently capital-intensive industry, shipowners already face difficult market conditions. How should shipowners and other decision makers position themselves and what are the main drivers in their decision-making process towards a greener future?

Happy speakers at Young@Nor-Shipping 2019

Save the dates 10-13 January 2022 in your schedule for Young@NorShipping! Sign up information for the various events will follow closer in time.

10 Women to Watch

One of the highlights at Young@Nor-Shipping is the 10 Women to Watch Award Ceremony. Young Ship Oslo’s international diversity initiative goes from talk to action, to discuss specific tools for the maritime industry to increase gender diversity. We highlight ten amazing, and different, profiles who inspire women to join the industry, and help us reach out to the talent our industry needs for tomorrows challenges.

10 women to watch