YoungShip Tech Seminar EXTRA SPACES

YoungShip Oslo is excited to announce its second annual YoungShip Tech seminar on Thursday, 30 September.

Seminar Fee

250 NOK




30 September


Business Casual

YoungShip Oslo is excited to announce its second annual YoungShip Tech seminar on Thursday, 30 September.

The seminar covers a wide range of technology topics related to the maritime industry.

The seminar starts at BAHR AS (Tjuvholmen allĂ© 16, 0252 Oslo) at 17:30 and will shift over to Marlow Aker Brygge (Bryggetorget 6, 0250 Oslo, 0250 Oslo) for dinner afterwards.

The YoungShip Tech seminar is open to all active YoungShip Oslo members and costs 250 NOK to attend.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions being less restrictive we have some additional places sign up with this link