Young@Nor-Shipping/Pre-event 3 - Green Decisions

Young@Nor-Shipping 2022 is rapidly approaching! As we are heading towards the most busy month of the year before a well-deserved Christmas break, we are delighted to invite our members to join us for the final countdown: Young@Nor-Shipping's third and final pre-event!

Seminar Fee

50 NOK




17 November


Business Casual


"How to accelerate the green shift in the maritime industry?".

The conversation will be about Grønt Skipsfartprogram (GSP), which is a partnership program between private and public actors, and should become an effective tool for implementing the government's maritime strategies and plans. The program's vision is to establish the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping.

The event will take place on Wednesday 17 November at 17:30 at Bjørungs, Parkveien 25, 0352 Oslo. Drinks and refreshments will be served.

For more information about the program and speakers follow the link below: 

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