Slated for the 14th of July 2018, “The GO TO SEA CAMPAIGN with the theme, THE SEA AND I” was held at the prestigious Four Point by Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Through a dint of hard work and concerted effort, The Board of YoungShip was able to put together the flagship, Go to Sea Campaign on the said date. The creative minds behind this spectacular event were  Usman Shuaibu – National Chairman YS Nigeria, Chris Okon – National Vice Chairman YS Nigeria, Chigozie Emeghebo – National Secretary YS Nigeria, Ibrahim Sani – National Capacity Building Officver YS Nigeria, Chukwunonso Udeh – National Media Officer YS Nigeria, Shulamite Oluwafoyeku – National Sponsorship Secretary YS Nigeria, Maghoromi Ebiere Beauty – Assistant National Secretary YS Nigeria, Uche Ejeh – National Finance Officer YS Nigeria and Obehi Oyakhilome – National Membership Officer YS Nigeria.                                                                                            

The phenomenal event congregated dignitaries in the Marine sector, Students from Yaba College of Technology Secondary School and Methodist Girls’ High School as well as other special invitees numbering over 40 participants. Master of Ceremonies, Chigozie Emeghebo, gave room for each guest of honor to share and expound their views and experience in the industry which created a warm atmosphere in the ambient gathering.


At the start of the rendezvous, which was the welcome address session, Usman Shuaibu, a member of the Board of YoungShip, gave his opening remarks and welcomed all special guests of honor; Obiageli Obi – DG Nigerian Chamber Shipping, Mrs Mary M. Hamman – FCILT President, WISTA Nigeria and Mrs Oritsematosan Edodo Emore – Chairman, Zoe Maritime Resources Ltd. He also recognized the presence of students from Yabatech led by their teachers and emphasized the aim of the event which was about advocating career at the sea for the young.

The floor was yielded to Obiageli Obi – DG Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, during which she as well voiced her welcome address by praising the laudable objective of event for having to do with advocacy for young people to come onboard the ship world. She encouraged young minds, all students to participate fully in the opportunity given them. She expounded the core values to have as a maritime worker in her speech given later on.

Mrs Mary M. Hamman – FCILT President WISTA Nigeria, made her opening move when she disclosed her role in the promotion unit of shipping development of NIMASA – shipping promotion. She further said she had an initial experience in the logistics industry which is akin to her present line of duty and encouraged all females – and all students in general, to gravitate to the profound opportunity presented to them.


At the panel session, Oritsematosan Edodo-Emere – Chairman Zoe Maritime Resources Ltd made her speech and answered questions asked by students; in the course of her explanation, she stated that different professions like farming are part of the maritime industry.

Olaitan Williams of VOW Ventures Ltd – an incorporated limited liability company, delivered her speech saying her organization has an NGO, “Ocean Ambassador” which aims at having a database of the young upcoming generation who can carve a niche for themselves in the maritime sector, creating a nation that will eradicate joblessness through the vast untapped career opportunities in the sector and educating young students about the maritime industry at an early stage.

She further brought to the knowledge of her esteemed audience that the above “package” has been endorsed by UNILAG to postgraduate level because of its entrepreneurial tendencies. Some of the challenges she listed were; limited exposure to schools due to non-inclusion in the educational curriculum; lack of buy-in by industry players; myopic governmental thinking or lack of it; funding, among others.

Chigozie Emeghebo – National Secretary YS Nigeria and Master of Ceremonies, welcomed all special guests and also stated the advancement in technology in various aspects of shipping. He drew his audience attention on the need for a corresponding improvement in the human element in shipping hence, the creation of YoungShip birthing the Go to Sea Campaign. He as well stated the vision of YoungShip; to be a focal organization that promotes competence and network development among young professionals in the global maritime industry, and mission; to encourage the development of young minds in the maritime industry through advocacy, networking and industry exposure.


A representative from Maritime Academy Alumni also presented a speech in which he exposited courses offered at the institution and the prerequisite for admission. As an executive, he also spelt out the rudiments of shipping. Rollens Macfoy – CEO OCEAN DEEP SERVICE Ltd encouraged the audience using her heartfelt and enraptured life story, and in effect, a look of determination was worn on faces glued to her.

Chris Okon – National Vice Chairman YS Nigeria, registered his vote of thanks to all participants at about the closure of event while spurring his concerned audience to identify areas with comparative advantage and tap into them and aftermath will be Nigeria being in the League of Nations making great impact in the maritime industry.

It was indeed a red letter day, a day that looks forward to such productive and ambient gatherings time and again.


Written by Jane Okonkwo,

Glambuds Admin.