YoungShip Møre Julebord 2019

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13.12.2019 @ 19:00


Kulinarisk Spisskammer, Ålesund

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Christmas buffet Included


Available for purchase

YoungShip Møre is excited to invite you to the annual Christmas party, this year held at Kulinarisk Spisskammer in Ålesund city centre! 

Join your fellow YoungShippers for a memorable night of good food, drinks and socializing. The meal is a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner buffet (including pinnekjøtt, ribbe, julepølser, poteter, ribbefett, rødkål and kålrabistappe), followed by riskrem with jordbærsaus and cofee for dessert. 

Drinks will be available for purchase (89kr for a glass of wine or beer/cider). 

Dinner starts at 19:00, and doors are open from 18:30. 

Ticket price is 200kr, and this fee includes the christmas buffet dinner with dessert, as well as two drink bongs. 

Please also ensure you have paid your YoungShip membership fee for this year. 

How to sign up:
Please use the sign up form on this site to register for the event, and also pay for your ticket in the Vipps app.
In Vipps, search for YoungShip Møre under "Buy and Pay" and choose the product "Christmas Party 2019". Please input your name and email in Vipps so the payments can be matched to the sign ups on the website. 

If you are unable to pay with Vipps, send us an email, and we will find an alternative solution.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the party!

Link to the Facebook event