ShipCon 2019

YoungShip Møre invites you to Ålesund for ShipCon 2019

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Ålesund, Norway


3-4 October 2019

YoungShip Møre is excited to host the annual ShipCon Conference 3rd - 4th October 2019. We look forward to gather young maritime professionals from YoungShip branches all over the world to attend a two-day conference in Ålesund.

More information can be found on the ShipCon 2019 page

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To sign up for ShipCon 2019, please use the form in the link above (click where it says "Join event (Guest)"). 

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In the form you will be asked to specify how you would like to pay for the conference ticket. If you choose to pay by invoice, the invoice will be sent to the e-mail you provide, so make sure it's valid. Note: after 27.09.2019 the option to be invoiced is not available, and the tickets can be paid through Vipps. If you are unable to use Vipps, please email us.

Buying the ticket through Vipps can be done in the Vipps app: go to Buy and Pay, search for YoungShip Møre (org. #523802). Click "ShipCon 2019" and choose your preferred ticket type. Please provide your full name and email address in the comment field in the Vipps shopping cart to make it easier to idenfity who has paid for the ticket. 

If you buy your ticket directly through Vipps, please also fill out the registration form on this site.