YoungShip Italia on board of "VOS Purpose"

YoungShip Italia visited a special multipurpose ship!

Today YoungShip Italia went on board of the multipurpose ship “VOS Purpose”!

 This great and interesting tour was kindly proposed and organised by our associate.

The tour took about 2 hours and all participants were divided into 2 groups. One group visited first the hull and machinery room, while the other one visited the control room on the bridge and after, we switched rooms to visit.

Thanks to the kind availability and high professionalism of the Master and the crew, we could listen carefully to more specific and technical explanations on the majority of the commands and parts that move the ship for the main operations and maneuvers.

 “VOS Purpose” is a special ship as she supports mainly all the offshore platforms in Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea and Continent, bringing to the crews on platforms, food and anything they may need also for operations, works etc…

The technology aboard was very modern and up-to-date, assuring the maximum safety to the people on board and to all operations at sea.

We like to thank our associate and the great crew of “VOS Purpose” to make it possible and we like to thank all the young people that joined YoungShip Italia during this visit on board!