YoungShip Italia @ Nor-Shipping 2017!

YoungShip Italia was present at Nor-Shipping 2017!

YoungShip Italia was present at Nor-Shipping 2017!

It was a great opportunity for the Italian branch to attend one of the leading maritime weeks, where we met many people from Nor-Shipping, YoungShip International and YoungShip Nigeria.

"Disruption", "sustainability" and "technology" were the main focuses during such week during talks among senior and young shipping professionals. These 3 topics inspired also many young students and professionals to discuss with the audience about their shipping start-ups, share opinions and advices. It was great, not only to see young people talking about what they have developed, but  to see them awarded for their innovative and eco-friendly ideas! 

Some of their proposals were: getting energy for ships from geothermal sources on the ocean floor, getting energy from the waves, use all kinds of waste to create bio-gas, using big and powerful drones to resue life at sea, bring potable water to millions of people by creating such drinking water on board of special ships etc...

YoungShip Italia was also present at the launch of YoungShip Nigeria, one the latest branch of YoungShip International! A big welcome was given by us and it was great to share suggestions and ideas on YoungShip associations with them, with the Secretary of YoungShip International and with the winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013,Tør Østervold, who underlined the importance of being united and work as a team in the shipping industry, especially for the young generations.

Last but not least, YoungShip Italia managed to meet the President of YoungShip International, Emilie Christiansen! It was absolutely a unique opportunity to have some chats with her and share future ideas and plans of YoungShip.