YoungShip Italia @ Genoa Shipping Week 2017

YoungShip Italia was present at the Genoa Shipping Week 2017!

Together with Gruppo Giovani Federagenti (National Italian Young Shipagents' Group) and Gruppo Giovani Armatori-Confitarma ( young Italian Shipowners' Group), we organized a very interesting event about "Safety of Life at Sea nel Canale di Sicilia". This event turned out to be very interesting and incisive thanks to the great team work, efforts, knowledge and experiences shared by the Guardia Costiera, Marina Mercantile and Cisom (Corpo Italiano di Soccorso dell'Ordine di Malta).

They explained what there's behind the rescues at sea. The topic was very incisive because it was shown exactly what happens during such events sharing experiences, actual photos of rescues and also videos, what everybody is supposed to do in those circumstances and what can be done to rescue lives. In addition, it was great to see how volunteers of Cisom are keen and willing to do even better in difficult situations.

Rescues at sea in the Sicily 'Channel' are nowadays more frequent due to immigration and everyday it happens something that involves the care and hard work by the Guardia Costiera, Marina Mercantile and Cisom. Apart from immigration, which is an important issue that must be faced, such Italian Groups-Entities do their best to keep the Italian coasts safe.

To conclude, we are proud and we thank Guardia Costiera, Marina Mercantile and Cisom together with its volunteers for the amazing hard work they always do to keep our coasts safe!!


The speakers at the event were:

Ammiraglio Giovanni Pettorino, Direttore Marittimo della Liguria; Edoardo Casati, Capo Raggruppamento Liguria Cisom - Corpo Italiano di Soccorso dell'Ordine di Malta; Simone Bazzurro, Coordinatore Medici Cisom Elisoccorso 1° Nucleo elicotteri Guardia Costiera Sarzana; Valeria Novella, Past President Gruppo Giovani di Confitarma.

The moderator was: Simone Carlini, Presidente Gruppo Giovani Federagenti