YoungShip @ Genoa Shipping Week 2015

As usual, YoungShip Italia is always attending the Shipping Weeks!

On 17 September 2015, YoungShip Italia organized a smooth event during the hectic Shipping Week in Genoa, full of interesting conferences, seminaries, meetings and dinners.

Our event was the occasion for our Italian youngshippers to meet young and senior professionals from foreign countries; everybody reunited in Genoa for the week! Our aim of this event was to create a cheerful evening with good music and tasty food but at the same time spreading the voice about YoungShip and the Italian branch, by telling the young generation the great initiatives there are, being part of YoungShip.

We hope we left our 'mark' and as usual, we enjoyed a lot our fun night and all the experiences and impressions of the many conferences of the Genoa Shipping Week!

We also take the opportunity to let everyone know what the Genoa Shipping Week and the Naples Shipping Week are. They are weeks during which there is plenty of maritime and shipping events...from sea freights discusssions to eco friendly ships, ports' reform etc...and all such events and conferences are a good occassion to get to know other people, also from other countries. The Genoa Shipping Week and the Naples Shipping Week 1 year there's the Genoa one and the next year there's the Naples one. Both beautiful and very interesting :)