Master course in Bergen - YoungShip discount

Business and Human Rights - Implementing the Responsibility to Respect

This Masters-level course will be offered by the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen in cooperation with the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights and the Institute for Human Rights and Business. The course start on 14 November and YoungShip members is being offered a discounted price for the course. 

Meet and learn from top international experts from the UN, OECD, Norwegian MFA, academic institutions, companies, NGOs, BHR experts and practitioners.  

  • Three weekends in Bergen, NOK 19.000 (non-discounted price)
  • 15 credit points

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This course explores the links between human rights violations and corporate activity, and the importance of international standards such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, in strengthening respect and  protection of human rights, by states and businesses alike. The course will focus on what corporate human rights due diligence means in practice, including how companies can effectively address human rights dilemmas across their global operations and throughout their supply chains. Participants will explore emerging sector-specific and thematic issues on the human rights and business agenda, and assess the effectiveness of existing efforts of relevance in Norway and globally. 

The course will provide participants with a deeper understanding of how human rights concerns relate to a range of industry sectors. It will also provide practical guidance for developing corporate strategies that are consistent with international human rights standards.

The deadline is on the 2nd of September. They will receive applications also after this date but they shall be sent directly to Terje Knutsen (terje.knutsen[at] or Therese Jebsen (Therese.Jebsen[at]

Please contact the above directly for more details.