Annual Plan 2018

YoungShip Helsinki - the Next Generation of the Maritime Industry ANNUAL MEETING 2018 @ MEPA 10th of October 16:00

Dear YoungShip Helsinki members,

I want to start with thanking all our members. You are the reason why we could start this organisation and we hope that all of you and more will continue to follow us and attend our events in the years to come.

2018 marks the first year of YoungShip Helsinki as an organisation. Our main task so far this year was to attract new members and partners. We are very proud and grateful that we got a really good start by recruiting new members during Maritime Day taking place at Åland Islands.

As previously mentioned YoungShip Helsinki was established during spring 2018 and the first board was elected in June. The Board of YoungShip Helsinki is normally elected at the Annual General Meeting in January/February each year. The Board consists of five people, one chairman and four heads of committees.

 So far this year the Board has had four board meetings. The meetings are essential to plan the events hosted by YoungShip Helsinki but also to discuss and agree on the development of the organisation.

YoungShip Helsinki has already 37 members, representing 25 different companies and organisations. Earlier this year the board of YoungShip International decided to take in another representative from a YoungShip branch outside Norway. We are happy to announce that YoungShip Helsinki will be this additional representative.

We look forward to seeing where 2018/2019 will take YoungShip Helsinki, wish all of our members a very nice autumn and hope to see you all at our Annual General Meeting on MEPA at 10th of  October 2018 so we will get the opportunity to show our plan of operation including budget and events.

Best regards,

Erika Lindholm Chairman, 

YoungShip Helsinki branch

No.DateEventLocationTopic / External Speaker(s) / Comments
123.05First Board Meeting  
Information stand
The Åland Maritime Days,
Our first board meeting and event to attract members. Stand sponsored by the Åland Maritime Days. 
213.06AfterworkLöyly, HelsinkiOur first afterwork togeter with our members. Sponsored by Oy Gard (Baltic) Ab
325.06RegistratedPRH YoungShip Helsinki if officially registrated as an organization in Finland
416.08AfterworkRelandersgrundAfterwork at Relandersgrund in Helsinki. Theme "Back to work After Work" 
519.09Seminairum Hilton Helsinki Invitation to Carus User Seminar “Digitalization”
608-09.11Cyprus ShipConLimasson, CyprusShipCon 2018 – the place to be for every young maritime profession 8-9 november 2018
7xx.11Vessel ExcursionTBDVisit onboard vessel and company presentation
8xx.12Christmas PartyTBDChristmas Party
1xx.01Annual General MeetingTBDYearly Annual Meeting 
2xx.02Port ExcursionTBDVisit in port and company presentation
3xx.03Sustainability SeminarTBD
5xx.05The Åland Maritime DaysTBD
7xx.07Summer breakTBD
8xx.08Back to workTBD

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