Webinar - Electrifying Ports and Vessels with Helen Oy

We are exited to share that YoungShip Helsinki has been invited by Jussi Ylinen to visit Helen Oy digitally, and hear more on the company's way to electrifying ports and vessels in Helsinki on the 18th of January.


18 January 2022




Link will be distributed 18th January 12:00



Take the opportunity to call in and learn more about HELEN OYs way to electrifying ports and vessels from their very own Jussi Ylinen! 

Jussi Ylinen is a senior advisor at Helen Oy and has multiple years of experience in business development and change management in the ways of business design. He has been involved in many project regarding electrifying ferries in Helsinki and how the future infrastructure of the Helsinki ports could look like when meeting the current and future demand of sustainable technologies both in- and offshore. 

Tune in on Teams at 16:30 on the 18th of January 2022. 

Register before Janaury 18th, 12:00.

If you have any questions, please contact helsinki@youngship.com