Tips: Hazard - Final Conference in Tallinn

YoungShip Helsinki members have been invited to attend the Hazard Conference in Tallinn on the 15 of March. The conference is free of charge.


Hotel Meriton Toompuiestee 27, Tallinn




Free of Charge


Please register directly at their site

Would you like to learn more about hazardous materials? This event is not organised by YoungShip Helsinki but our Members are more than welcome to attend the event in Tallinn. 

Ports, terminals and storage facilities are often located close to residential areas, thus potentially exposing a large number of people to the consequences of accidents. The HAZARD project deals with these concerns by bringing together rescue services, other authorities, logistics operators and established knowledge partners.

HAZARD project aims at mitigating the effects of emergencies in major seaports in the Baltic Sea Region. The types of safety and security emergency include, for example, leakages of hazardous materials, fires on passenger ships at port, oil spills in port areas as well as explosions of gases or chemicals.

HAZARD brings together Rescue Services, other authorities, logistics operators and established knowledge partners. HAZARD enables better preparedness, coordination and communication, more efficient actions to reduce damages and loss of life in emergencies, and handling of post-emergency situations by improving:

Conference Friday 15 March 2019

09:00─09:30 Registration at Hotel Meriton
09:30─09:40 Introduction and Welcome
09:40─10:00 Mr. Bogdan Oldakowski, Baltic Ports
Organisation: Current Issues in BSR Seaports
10:00─10:20 Mr. Markku Mylly, Former Executive
Director of EMSA: Current Maritime Safety Issues
10:20─10:40 Representative of DG MOVE (TBC)
10:40─11:00 Mr. Peter Johansson, Rescue Director,
E Uusimaa, (FI): Mitigating Emergencies in Seaports
11:00─11:30 Coffee Break1

1:30─11:50 Prof. Wolfgang Kersten, TUHH,

Hamburg: Risk Management in Seaports
11:50─12:10 Mr. Eeli Friman & Prof. Ojala: Release
of Baltic Sea Region Logistics 2030 Foresight Study
12:10─12:30 (TBC)
12:30─12:45 Award Ceremony: The Best www-sites
of North European Seaport Authorities
12:45─13:00 Conference Closure
13:00─14:00 Lunch

For more information please check their website: 

Additional information:
Mr. Mikko Harteela; +358 29 450 4761
Mr. Oskari Kajander; +358 29 450 4762