Sauna evening at MEPA

The Finnish Seamen's Service (MEPA) is inviting YoungShip Helsinki's members to their premises in Helsinki. We will receive information about what they do and thereafter we are invited have a sauna at Linnankatu 3.


Linnankatu 3




16:00 onwards

The Finnish Seamen's Service was founded in 1973. Their function is based on MLC 2006, ILO Convention No. 163 and Act 447/2007 of seafarer´s welfare in Finland. FSS offers recreation services to all foreign seafarers visiting Finnish ports. FSS provides library, film, wellbeing and information services within the Finnish merchant fleet and to foreign flag vessels with a special service agreement. FSS is controlled by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The trade unions and the ship owners have delegates in the representative body and the board of the Finnish Seamen´s Service.  FSS works in close cooperation with the Finnish Seamen´s Mission and the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Welfare Organizations. The Finnish Seamen’s Service is a member of the International Committee on Seafarers Welfare.

Their function is financed by seafarers, ship owners and the government. 

We have been invited to MEPA's Helsinki office and we will receive a tour around their premises, receive information about their organisation and thereafter enjoy a proper sauna. 

More information will come later. 

Sign up before the 3rd of October.