Greek shipping continues to hold global lead!

Greece's all-important shipping sector increased its share of the global fleet and widened the distance from its nearest competitors, with Greek shipowners and Greek-controlled companies accounting for16.71 percent of the total as of January 2017, based on dwt, up from 16.36 percent in 2016 and 15.53 percent in early 2009.

The figures were released in UNCTAD's most recent Review of Maritime Transport 2017.According to the figures supplied by UNCTAD and based on data compiled by Clarksons Research, the Greek-owned fleet (regardless of registry and the holding company's headquarters) numbered 4,199 vessels with a transport capacity of 308.83 million dwt. The same figures in January 2016 were 4,136 vessels and 293.08 million dwt.

In terms of Greek shipping's competitors, Japan and Germany saw a reduction in their share of the global fleet, whereas China gained.