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YoungShip Denmark is the next networking group for professionals in the maritime industry. We are a non-profit organization, run on volunteers from the shipping industry to create events, where the youth in Danish shipping can work together, get insight knowledge and expand our network.

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The Danish YoungShip branch

YoungShip is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2004 Norway. Today it consists more than 3000 members and 20 different branches, and are seeking to expand aboard.

In Denmark we are going to establish exciting and interesting events, where you will be able to hear “key-figure” speakers from across the maritime industry and networking with your fellow young shippers. We wish to create an environment that inspires new thinking, entrepreneur ship, relations and overall establish the network you have dreamt about, and the opportunity to work abroad. Connection is everything!

On a yearly basis, YoungShip Denmark will have 4 main events:

  • “Get together”
  • “Drinks in the city”
  • Shipping events, such as “fut cup”, Rechto cup” and much more,
  • Lectures,
  • Much more,


Through our several sponsors and networks we offer you the opportunity to participate in our events and gain access to the seminars from our sponsors, such as Bimco.

“gain access to all the other YoungShip Branches across the world”

By joining YoungShip Denmark, you will have all the opportunities to grow in your career.

Should you have any questions about the organisation or about becoming a member do not hesitate writing to us.


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Board Members

Board members

Lasse Schleemann

Lasse Schleemann

Chairman YoungShip Denmark LinkedIn
Frederik C. Lützen

Frederik C. Lützen

Head of Sponsors YoungShip Denmark LinkedIn
Anders A. Fournais

Anders A. Fournais

Head of Events YoungShip Denmark LinkedIn
Caroline M. Dabroszek

Caroline M. Dabroszek

Head of Social Media and Marketing YoungShip Denmark LinkedIn
Victor Rützou

Victor Rützou

Head of Members and Internal Affairs YoungShip Denmark LinkedIn