Zacharias Siokouros

Marine and Offshore Business Manager for Lloyd’s Register

Zacharias Siokouros is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer graduate of the National Technical University of Athens.  He is currently the Marine and Offshore Business Manager for Lloyd’s Register in Cyprus. He has work experience of more than 25 years in the Shipping Industry having worked for 4 years as a Technical Superintendent with a Tankers’ operator, 7 years as Safety Manager/DPA and 9 years as Technical Director for a major Cruise Line and then 3 years as Principal Surveyor, Lead Auditor and Trainer with DNV GL. He has also been the President of the Cyprus Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Association for over 10 years.

In 2010 he was among the founding members of the "Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean" and currently holds the position of President. The Institute is a novel, non-profit organization aiming to promote Research, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Environmental Protection as well as Education and Training within and for the Maritime Industry, in support of Sustainable Blue Growth.

Zacharias Siokouros was also the initiator of an Innovative Project called Lynceus which was funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. It aimed at developing a distributed wireless sensor network system that would enable the ship command on Passenger Ships to monitor the location of each passenger during an evacuation. Lynceus Project won the Global Lloyd’s List Awards 2014 in the field of Innovation. The project’s 2nd phase (Lynceus2Market) has also been approved by the European Commission in 2015 under the HORIZON2020 programme. Its objective is to demonstrate the Lynceus technologies through large scale demonstrations on passenger ships.

Another important initiative in which Mr. Siokouros played a significant role, is the creation of the Blue Career Centre of Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (under the EU funded Mentor project) which encourages cooperation between various stakeholders for the joint development and implementation of measures to close the skills gap, tackle unemployment, and make “blue careers” more attractive to young people.

Moreover, Mr. Siokouros is actively involved in the creation of the” Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute” (under the HORIZON2020 Teaming Programme), which aims to promote scientific and business excellence in Blue Economy sectors which are crucial to the Cypriot economy, by encouraging partnerships and synergies between academic and research institutions and businesses at national, regional and international level.

Additionally, Mr. Siokouros is a member of the “Expert Group on Skills and Career Development in the Blue Economy” of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Last but not least, Mr. Siokouros is a Founding Member of the Cyprus Foundation of the Sea, an institution established in July 2018 by the Shipping industry (led by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and MarInEM) with the support of the Government of Cyprus, aiming at promoting marine and maritime research, knowledge and innovation as well as growth, competitiveness and jobs creation in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean