Membership 2018

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The Board of 'YoungShip Cyprus’ hereby extend a cordial invitation to those who wish to join the Organization and become members for the year 2018.

‘YoungShip Cyprus’ membership categories:

Full members – refers to young professionals up to the age of 40, who are Cyprus  residents and provide their services in the wider field of shipping and maritime industry. Eligible to participate in all activities of the Organization and enjoy the rights of voting and being elected as a Board member. 

Fee is set at €30 for 2018. 

Supporters – refers to those who wish to support the Organization but are not eligible for full membership, either due to the age criterion (above 40) and/or due to the fact that they are not directly related to the shipping and maritime industry in Cyprus. Eligible to participate in all OTHER activities of the Organization.

Fee is set at € 50 for 2018.

Students – refers to students in educational institutions in Cyprus, such as Universities and Colleges, who currently pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, in the field of shipping and maritime. Eligible to participate in all OTHER activities of the Organization, other than voting and being elected as a Board member.

Fee is set at €10 for 2018.

Become a member of the Organization, in any of the above categories, by following the below link, filling in the online membership application and paying easily the membership subscription by PayPal or credit card.

Full Membership - 30 EURO

Supporters - 50 EURO

Student Subscription -10 EURO

Upon the membership fee remittance, members will be entitled to our annual membership card, which will be prepared and delivered by mail within 30 days. This card states as a proof of your annual membership to YoungShip Cyprus and it is also a discount card to numerous venues (restaurants, cafes, bars), which will be announced on a later stage for this calendar year.

We are looking forward to you joining ‘YoungShip Cyprus’ and being part of this Organization.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at and we would be happy to help.

Kind regards,

YoungShip Cyprus Board.


Important note:

YoungShip Cyprus reserves the right to approve and/or reject any membership application, when such

application is based on false and/or misleading information regarding the applicant.