Stephanos Stephou

Strategic Planning Director of Fameline Holding Group.

Stephanos Stephou is the Strategic Planning Director of Fameline Holding Group. He overviews the Group’s strategy and represents the board of directors interests in vertical sectors among others the offshore/oil and gas and maritime satellite communication services/activities. Stephanos has a diverse international professional background including consulting, business development, public affairs, corporate strategy and participates as a non-executive director on public and private companies boards and associations. In the past he has worked for Deloitte and has extensive experience working for the Cyprus political spectrum as campaign manager and as an adviser both to members of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament. He received his BSC in Political Science and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science, his MSC in International Security and Global Governance from Birkbeck, University of London, a Professional Qualification in Public Relations & Public Affairs from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in London and his MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. Mr. Stephou served as an elected member of Democratic Rally Political Assembly, a Non-Executive Director of the Cyprus Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) and a member of the Oil and Gas Working Group under the Cyprus Shipping Chamber.