Ugly Christmas Sweater Julebasar

For the last event of the year we arranged a Julebasar with the dress code: Ugly Christmas Sweater, and it is safe to say it was a huge success!

This year’s Christmas Bazar was held at Klubben on December 12th with the dress code: Ugly Christmas Sweater.

In true Christmas Bazar spirit there were of course a price for the ugliest sweater and the winner where awarded with a fabulous ugly Christmas hat.

We were served traditional Christmas rice porridge with red wine, maybe an untraditional combination but everybody seemed to enjoy it. During the meal, board members sold raffle tickets - 800 tickets were sold to around 35 eager YoungShippers.  

The prices in the raffle where grand and many, such as workout apparel, umbrellas, cufflinks, a trip to Flåm and the book collection "Bergen og Sjøfarten". This year’s winner of the ugliest sweater also ended up being the majority prize winner, winning over 10 times.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members and sponsors!