Talent Management Seminar - Bergen

A truly revealing and motivational seminar co-hosted with Bergen Shipowners' Association

The seminar focused on the question whether and how shipping companies take care of and further develop their young talents once these young employees have started working for them. We were pleased to learn that indeed there is an established company culture for talent management and we have been presented how motivation at work looks like.

The seminar kicked off with an enthusiastic Trond Haukedal who gave a motivational speech on how one can become the very best version of oneself. How to utilize and tap into your potential and from it become a better employee and person in general. He gave insight into how we as human beings relate to and with each other, and the importance of communication, motivation and good leadership abilities.

We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Øistein Jensen, Chief of Staff at Odfjell SE and Mr. Kjell-Arne Danielsen, Senior Vice President HR Shore at KGJS held a joint presentation on talent management, career opportunities within the shipping industry, motivational factors from a Shipowner perspective and wrap it all up by offering their recommendations to both the established workforce and the youngsters in attendance.

Arne Birkeland from Norwegian Hull Club was joined by trainee Einar Lunde and they explained the reason behind establishing a trainee program, the value of mentoring, and what working within the marine insurance industry entails. Nina M. Hanevold-Sandvik from Wikborg Rein spoke on her personal experiences and gave great advice to the younger crowd on how to go for opportunities that may seem too far-fetched at first, how to stay motivated and not least, the concept of mutual loyalty and respect between employer and employee.

We thank our speakers for their motivational and inspiring talks and taking the time to share their experience with us!